GPS Watches for Golf – Buying Guide 2018

GPS watches make a lot of sense for avid golfers as these devices give a lot of advantage in the field. These devices can be used for mapping out the courses and you can also measure the distance of the target with the help of a GPS Golf watch, as the Online Watch Shop UK explains. It also has a number of other features including sleeping hours, calories burned, time and mood.



Since it relies on GPS for measuring distances, it is typically more accurate than a laser, even during harsh conditions. However, there are a number of brands selling a variety of GPS watches for golf. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right GPS watch for your particular needs.

Choosing Best GPS Watches for Golf

One of the most important thing you need to look at is the features available on the watch. Make sure it has all the features you need but do not choose a watch that has a lot of bells and whistles that you do not need. You do not always need all the features in a watch, especially if you’re on a tight budget. So, take your budget into account when you are shopping for features.

Another important thing is the battery life of the watch. Nobody likes to carry around a charger while playing golf. So, take a close look at the number of hours it takes to fully charge the watch. Some watches come with rechargeable batteries whereas others allow you to replace the batteries as and when needed. Choose a model that works best for your particular needs.

Some of the models available in the market today have extremely limited access memory. The memory remains the number of courses and maps that you can carry on your device. Needless to say, higher memory is better but it comes at a price. In addition, you should also check the compatibility with various smartphones as data transfer support will allow you to analyses your game once you are done.


As far as the price is concerned, it’s important to have a budget in mind when you go shopping for the GPS golf watch. As mentioned above, some watches come with a lot of bells and whistles that may not be necessary to have the best golfing experience. However, all these extra features add to the overall price of the watch and if you’re on a budget, you should avoid paying for extra bells and whistles.

Overall, these are some of the important parameters you need to consider in order to buy the best GPS watch for golf.