Active Glasgow – Rediscovering Health

Living An Active Lifestyle In A Sedentary World

For many of us, as we grow older our lives become progressively more sedentary.  We sit a lot more, when working, when travelling to and from work, when eating, and when being entertained.  But as the old saying goes, if we don’t use it, we lose it.

Our life is a daily routine, repeated daily and it’s only very gradually that we lose our ability to move, to run to jump, to swim and so on.  But, we do not have to lose these functions.  There are so many things just outside our comfort zones that can excite and thrill us, if we just open our eyes and look for them.

Remember, you health, your longevity, the quality of your life as you grow older are all choices, and we make that choice every day, either positively or by omission.  We urge you to get off the couch, go out through your front door and get involved, because life is there to be lived.